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The Arizona Church of Christ Bible Camp is a rustic camp facility on Mt. Graham.
Summer camp sessions are sponsored by Churches of Christ in Southern Arizona.


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Get involved in making this year's camp the best that it can be. The first work weekend will be in May over Memorial Day weekend. Bring your own food. Even though it's a "work weekend" nothing beats a weekend away from the city on a beautiful mountaintop!


You can always help by joining us in our prayer effort! This camp has been a blessing for all who have attended in its years of operation. Please pray for rain on Mt. Graham, and for Arizona in general. Thanks very much for your help and prayers, The church of Christ Bible Camp staff.

If you'd like to donate funds to the camp. We are fundraising for a new roof for the mess hall and new water tanks (which have never been replaced since the inception of camp). Any amount is appreciated. Our goal is to raise $ 10,000 before the end of summer.



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